Hamleys pulls 'toxic' jewellery

Dangerous levels of lead found in children's pendant and bracelet.
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Toy store Hamleys has removed two children's jewellery items from its shelves after they were found to contain dangerous levels of lead.

A pendant and bracelet, which had been imported from China, were removed after The Sunday Times found that the £4.99 bracelet contained more than 93 per cent lead, while the P-shaped pendant (£7.99) had 27 per cent lead.

The recommended international safety limit is 0.06 per cent, while the UK limit is 0.1 per cent.

A Hamleys spokesperson said: "Immediate action was obviously taken to remove these dangerous products from our shops as soon as we became aware of the problem. We would never knowingly sell toxic jewellery to customers and take the health and safety of our customers extremely seriously. We are urgently reviewing our quality assurance process."



Hamleys rolls out concessions plan

Hamleys has announced plans to expand its UK presence through a number of concessions in House of Fraser stores, mirroring a plan used successfully on the continent and elsewhere.

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