Halsall claims victory in Vivid dispute

The recent Vivid/Halsall spat has come to an end with Vivid playing down the dispute and Halsall claiming victory while taking a sideswipe at Vivid’s Nick Austin.
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The two firms locked horns after Halsall alleged that Vivid had made threats to a major retailer telling it not to stock Halsall’s Giant Water Slide because it infringed copyright of its own Ultimate Splash Attack Slide, resulting in Halsall losing the order.

Halsall says Vivid has agreed to pay full damages and legal costs in settlement and couldn’t resist taking a swing at boss Nick Austin, with a spokesman saying: “This result totally vindicates the action Halsall took to defend their rights and reiterated how disappointing it was that the CEO of a major toy company should behave in this way.”

Vivid, however, played down the row, saying: "This is a minor dispute, relating to an order for only 1,000 water slides. In light of the minor nature of the dispute, Vivid is pleased that it has now been resolved, allowing both parties to continue to market their product to retailers without wasting the court's valuable time. Since this dispute began with Halsall, Manley ToyQuest, the supplier of Vivid's waterslides has confirmed in writing to Vivid that it has been granted a Chinese manufacturing patent number 200530138564.3 for the waterslide."



MBO for Halsall

David Halsall International has been purchased in an MBO by a triumvirate of key managers - John Hutt, Andrew Coplestone and Graham Halsall.


Big deal in can for Halsall

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Vivid Imaginations

The news that Vivid has been expecting for some time has finally arrived, with Bratz owner MGA opting to set up its own office to control its Bratz brand in the UK. It?s a blow for the firm, but MD Nick Austin says it is well positioned for the future?.


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Halsall has picked up the wheeled toys and inflatables license for Chapman Entertainment's new pre-school property, Roary the Racing Car, for the UK and Ireland.

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