Gormiti enters games market

Giochi Preziosi inks deal with Konami Digital Entertainment for games based on the property.
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Konami’s first title, Gormiti: The Lords of Nature!, an action puzzle game for the Nintendo Wii and DS systems, will launch in the third quarter.

The games will feature locations from the TV series. Players will directly control three of the Lords of Nature within a group.

Gameplay will be enhanced with jigsaw and sliding tile puzzle games, and all FMV sequences will be voiced by actors from the show.

Shinji Hirano, president of Konami Digital Entertainment said: "The Gormiti licence has grown tremendously since created in 2005 and we are excited at the opportunity to deliver the first interactive gaming experience for fans of the franchise.

"The development team is looking forward to adapting the Gormiti storyline into a rich and entertaining video game that will allow players the ability to interact with their favourite characters in a new way."



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