GoldieBlox and Beastie Boys settle lawsuit over 'Girls' video

The toy firm used the hip hop trio's song in a commercial advertising the GoldieBlox toy range.
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GoldieBlox and American hip hop band Beastie Boys have reached a settlement after the New York trio filed a lawsuit against the toy firm for copyright infringement.

The construction toy brand aimed at girls used one of the Beastie Boys’ tracks in its commercial parody of the band’s song 'Girls', reports The Hollywood Reporter.

Goldieblox initially argued that their parody was covered under the Fair Use Doctrine. The band, however, disagreed stating it was copyright infringement.

The two companies have now reportedly come to a settlement, of which the terms are not known. The case has been dismissed.

Pitchfork reports that the will of band member Adam Yauch prohibited the use of Beastie Boys songs in advertisements.



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