GMTV poll show Woolies winners

Argos and indies thriving in a post-Woolies world according to new ToyNews poll.
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Argos and the independent sector seemed to have benefited the most from Woolies’ demise, according to data from a GMTV/ToyNews poll.

According to the survey on the GMTV site, which receives 1.7m unique visitors a month, 29 per cent of consumers that used to buy toys in Woolworths now buy them in Argos, while 28 per cent buy from independents.

Argos also came top in answer to the question “Where do you buy toys?”, with 28 per cent. Tesco was the next most popular on 19 per cent and online retailer Amazon on 17 per cent. Only 12 per cent said Toys R Us.

On the question of price 86 per cent did not think toys were too expensive, while 76 per cent would spend more than £15 on a birthday gift.

Where do you buy toys?

Argos 28%
Tesco 19%
Amazon 17%
Toys R Us 12%
Indies 9%
Asda 6%
ELC 3%
Entertainer 3%
John Lewis 3%

How much would you spend on a birthday gift?

£20 or more 40%
£15-£20 36%
£10-£15 19%
£5-£10 5%

If you used to buy toys in Woolies, where do you buy them now?

Argos 29%
Independent 28%
Tesco 17%
Toys R Us 12%
Entertainer 3%
Asda 3%
Online 3%
ELC 2%

Do children get enough play value from toys?

Yes 71%
No 29%

Are toys too expensive?
No 86%
Yes 14%



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