Girls? tastes highlighted

New data from children?s market research specialist Carrick James has shed more light on girls' tastes
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The results explore girls buying habits and rank the top ten toy choices of girls up to age ten.

Vivid’s Crayola was top of the list among girls aged 0-4 years old ahead of Mattel’s Fisher Price Baby and Learning Toys.

Unsurprisingly, doll brands also featured heavily with Disney Princess top among them, ahead of Zapf’s Baby Annabel.

In the older age group of girls aged 7-10 High School Musical dolls were the number on ranking toy ahead of Bratz dolls and Crayola. For girls aged 0-12 High School Musical Dolls were the number one draw.

Elsewhere in the survey Hannah Montana was the top hero among girls aged 7-8; CBBC was the top channel among 5-14 year olds; High School Musical the top TV programme for girls aged 5-14.

Favourite toys and games, girls aged 0 to four

1 Crayola
2 Fisher Price Baby/Learning Toys
3 Disney Princess
4 Baby Annabel
5 Baby Born
6 Play-Doh
7 My Little Pony
8 Barbie Dolls
9 Aquadraw
10 Vtech Electronic Toys
(Source: CJMR)

Favourite toys and games, girls aged seven to ten

1 High School Musical Dolls
2 Bratz
3 Crayola
4 Nintendog
5 Barbie
6 Play-Doh
7Polly Pocket
8 Disney Princess
9 Sylvanian Families
10 Puppy in My Pocket

(Source: CJMR)



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