Funko reveals Pulp Fiction ReAction Figures Series 2

Butch Coolridge, Marsellus Wallace, The Wolf and The Gimp all star in the second wave of retro style figures from the collectables specialist.
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Funko has revealed its second wave of Pulp Fiction inspired ReAction figures, featuring iconic characters such as Butch Coolidge and Marsellus Wallace.

Oh and it looks like this time, some one has most certainly woken The Gimp, as the leather clad glutton for punishment joins the cast completed by the aptly named The Wolf.

Available this month, each Funko ReAction Pulp Fiction Series 2 figure arrives in retro style packaging, while Butch comes sporting a bloodied t-shirt and Samurai sword.

The new swathe joins Funko’s original Pulp Fiction line-up starring Vincent Vega, Jules Winnfield, Jimmie Dimmick and Mia Wallace, launched back in 2013.

And if that wasn’t enough, fans of the Tarantino film will see be able to get their hands on a Funko Pop! Butch Coolridge. The 3.5-inch vinyl character is scheduled to burst into retailers from this February.

Check out the images of the new action figures, below.

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