Flair boosts Betty

More than a million girls will be reached by Flair's new Betty Spaghetty campaign.
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Flair has teamed up with a number of BBC publications in a three-month campaign of full-page advertorials to re-launch the girls’ brand this autumn and winter.

A search will begin in October for four Betty Spaghetty Girls who best represent the characteristics of the doll while magazines Girl Talk, Girl Talk Extra, Amy and All About Animals will highlight the brand.

Flair’s marketing campaign will also involve a round of TV and online advertising along with giveaways, sponsorships and in store point of sale materials during the pre Christmas period.



Flair launches bride promo

Flair is set to follow up last year’s successful Sylvanian Families Search for a Star initiative with a new campaign to tie in with the spring launch of the line’s new wedding theme.


My Life - Flair

Flair is entering the girls? electronics market with its My Life electronic interactive handheld. A major marketing initiative will consist of online, press and retail promotions?

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