Firebox reveals hot list

Gift and toy site Firebox has announced its list of 'big kids' hot toys for Christmas.
Publish date:

The top ten for TOGAs (Toy Obsessed Grown Adults) features products from Mattel, Marvin's Magic and Hasbro.

The list reads:

1 Say What
2 Palm Z Micro Plane
3 iKaraoke
4 Power Tour Guitar
5 Freaky Body Illusions
6 Money Monster
7 Screaming Flying Monkey
8 Mr Potato Head Star Wars collection
9 Etch a Sketch
10 Oddballs



Wishes list launched

US mag Toy Wishes has launched in the UK today and its own Hot Dozen has become the latest Christmas prediction list to be published.


Toy list rivalry continues

This year there will be two high profile ‘hot toy’ lists, after the Dream Toys committee and US mag Toy Wishes failed to reach agreement on working together cooperatively.

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