Filly gets a new app and website

Girls pony property branches out onto new interactive platforms ahead of 2014 TV series.
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German toy maker Dracco has launched a new website and game app for its girls brand Filly. 

At new virtual world gameplay lets kids customise their own Filly environments by purchasing items with a horseshoe currency earned by playing minigames such as Bake a Cupcake, allowing kids to ‘experience the fantasy of the Filly brand.’

Filly Photo Fun lets fans add cute Filly themed stamps and graphics to their photos. Users can make a photo collection and share it with friends.

Filly is one of Germany's most popular toy brands, with over 60 million collectables sold to date. A new animated show is set hit TV screens in early 2014.

The In Thing holds the UK distribution rights to Filly. has the full story


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