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Last month?s recall by Mattel and subsequent smaller recalls once again fuelled the issue of toy safety and where they are made. Never mind that Mattel has taken a responsible action that will cost it millions, which should be what everyone is talking about.
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The anti-Chinese feeling in the press is going to get worse in the coming months, all at a time we don’t want any bad publicity for toys. During the build up to the Olympics there will be constant questions about China being fit to host the games. The press will latch onto anything that puts China in a bad light, and this unfortunately will include toys.

I was horrified at some of the comments I heard from retailers and spokespeople from national chains and supermarkets. Mattel should have been praised for taking this action, not put down by some publicity seeking retailer criticising and blaming Mattel for making something so unsafe.

If you can’t say the right thing for the good of the industry, DON’T! Leave it to the TRA or retailers who can say positive things about this industry!

No-one dreamed that the magnet problem that has arisen the past two years would happen. Think back over the years to all the toys with magnets that had no problems. But toy manufactures have recognised the issue and are doing something about it, whether recalling, redesigning or finding other ways to make the magnets completely safe. I don’t see other industries doing this.

All manufacturers of All goods now have to take into account not just the end user but young children or worst still the idiots that are out there. You only have to look on YouTube to see what the idiots will try. We are having to look beyond the unexpected, and all manufacturers (toy or not) have to assume that the consumer is the thickest of the thick. If you need cheering up all you have to do is read the warning labels on…well, anything. Hilarious.

The press want more made in the UK. Don’t we all. But then who will be the first to run the Rip Off Britain” story. When the consumer has to pay more for it.

Once again, let’s feel good about ourselves. Remember this recall for the right reasons and the responsible action taken by Mattel. With the Dream Toys Press event coming up, we have a chance to ensure good publicity for the industry, let’s grab the chance and create some good headlines for the industry.



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