FEATURE: Xanadu set for Eye-dentity launch

The designer talks about how he put the game together and what his plans are for its launch?
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Tell us briefly how the idea for the game came about?

I have run a creative agency for approximately 20 years, specialising in corporate identity and maximising brand opportunities for clients in a number of sectors ranging from finance to various leisure and entertainment sectors.

As part of this work, I have been invited to give presentations on the importance and power of brands to creative students looking to take a career in the industry.

To get away from the standard presentations I developed a brand game, which was far more engaging. Students really responded to the game and it became apparent that this was something that could have a wider reaching audience. The result is Eye-Dentity which has been a long time in the making but we are all delighted with it.

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Xanadu gets set for Eye-Dentity launch

Brand identification board game Eye-Dentity is the brainchild of ambitious corporate designer Simon Wilson and is packed with household names and brands. Ronnie Dungan spoke to the designer about how he put the game together and what his plans are for its launch?

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