FEATURE: Rise of the robots

Wowwee is looking to recreated the magic that saw it flying the flag for toy innovation...
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Graham Spark is the man charged with that task in the UK and, as he tells Ronnie Dungan, he's confident that the category has plenty left to give.

It seemed at one point that no toy event was complete without a product from WowWee stealing the limelight.

The press seemed to love nothing more than a dancing robot. Especially if it was demonstrated by a man in an interesting hat. It was easy copy for a journo on a deadline, looking for an easy angle and, let’s face it, much more visually interesting than a board game after all.

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Rise of the robots

Now master of its own destiny in the UK and Europe, WowWee is looking to recreate the magic that saw it flying the flag for toy innovation. Graham Spark is the man charged with that task and as he tells Ronnie Dungan, he?s confident the category has plenty to give?

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