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FEATURE: Joined-up thinking

Meccano's UK operation is continuing to make progress, having started over with former Mega Brands chief, Sue Barratt.
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The disappearance of its distributor Nikko in the UK meant Meccano had to quickly rethink its strategy here and led to it setting up its current operation in the UK, which is headed up by former Mega Brands chief Sue Barratt.

Barratt has since built the firm up from nothing, having set up the new-look Meccano UK in October of 2007. Last year was its first full year of trading.

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Meccano UK, one year on

Meccano's UK operation is continuing to make progress, having started over again with former Mega Brands chief, Sue Barratt at the helm. Ronnie Dungan visited the firm's Oxfordshire HQ to see how it was all coming together...

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Magic Box?s GoGo?s Crazy Bones has been one of the collectable success stories of the year, but where did it come from and how long is it likely to continue being the talk of the playground? Ronnie Dungan spoke to director, Ben Harper, about dem Bones?

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