FEATURE: Always look on the bright side of life

Former Radica and Corgi MD, Denis Horton looks at the toy industry during the economic crisis.
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I was once told that one of the keys to success in the toy industry was managing uncertainty. If that’s the case then, as professionals, we should be much in demand as other sectors struggle to come to terms with the unfamiliar upheavals in the world economy.

Indeed, it is difficult to think of many other sectors which have had so much thrown at them as our own. Whether it be age compression, high profile product recalls, EEC legislation, escalating raw material costs, labour shortages (in China of all places!), factory closures, adverse exchange movements, retailers expecting you to pay for their mistakes as well as your own, licensors changing plans with scant regard for the impact on their licensees, we’ve had to deal with them all.

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Always look on the bright side of life

Rising costs, supply and labour problems and an unforgiving economic climate mean the toy market is in dire straits. But is there an upside to all this trouble and strife? Former Radica and Corgi MD, Denis Horton mulls things over...


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