Fathers spend twice as much on presents than mothers, says Little Tikes research

Nearly one fifth of dads stated that they happily spend over £100 on average for each present throughout the year
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Fathers have been found to spend twice as much on gifts for their children than mothers, according to research carried out by Little Tikes.

The survey from the toy maker revealed that nearly one fifth of dads happily spend over £100 on average for each present throughout the year, while only one tenth of mothers would do the same.

Out of the 1,000 parents and 1,000 grandparents polled, just under one third of British dads admitted to having spent over £250 on a single gift for their child in the past, compared to only a fifth of UK mums.

Furthermore, 17 per cent of dads anticipate they will spend over £1,000 on gifts for their kids each year, compared to only 7.4 per cent of UK mums.

Alongside traditional gift-giving occasions such as Christmas and birthdays, 71.6 per cent of British parents choose to reward their kids with presents following good reports, while 28.1 per cent reward their kids for good behaviour.

Little Tikes play expert, Dr Maggie Redshaw, said: "Doting dads certainly seem willing to spend a bit more on a perfect gift for their little one.

"Celebrating any milestone like a birthday or Christmas, as well as good school reports and bravery is great, but remember it doesn't always need to be expensive.

"Often your little ones just want to spend time having fun with you, so while I am sure they appreciate the gifts, a day in the park with their favourite toy and you can be just as rewarding, especially in their most formative years."


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