Fancy a bit of Bully?

The creator of the long running iconic game show has put the brand up for sale.
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Andrew Wood, the man behind the successful Bullseye brand, says he is looking to sell it in its entirety (including TV format rights, all merchandising rights, IP rights and associated rights).

Wood created the brand in 1979, and the show started to air on ITV in 1981 – hosted by Jim Bowen. Since then it has never been off air, broadcasting on a number of channels, the most recent being Challenge TV, hosted by Dave Spikey.

Bullseye was also part of the recent run of Gameshow Marathon on ITV, presented by Vernon Kaye.

A number of licensed products have been released over the years – including board games, interactive DVD games, mobile phone games, dartboards and bendy Bullys to name just a few.

One of the most successful deals of recent times for the brand has been with touchscreen pub games machines IT Box, with Bullseye proving to be one of the most popular games on the system.

Wood told ToyNews' sister site that he had dedicated the greater part of his life to Bullseye and is now looking to “dedicate it to me” and spend more time on the golf course.

Interested parties in the Bullseye brand should initially contact Andrew Wood at


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