European Rubik's Cube Championship crowns new puzzle king

Germany's Philipp Weyer has taken this year's title with an average solve time of 7.88 seconds.
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A fast-fingered German has trounced competition from across the continent to become the new European Rubik’s Cube Champion.

Philipp Weyer took the crown for the 3x3 cube title with his average solve time of a snooze-and-you-miss-it 7.88 seconds at the European tournament held in Prague’s Radotin sports hall on Sunday, July 18th.

Weyer’s efforts earned him not only the gold medal but also a range of Rubik’s prizes and a cash prize of €1,000.

However, the accolade of the fastest single solve of the competition does not belong to Weyer, but Mats Valk of the Netherlands who managed to complete the puzzle in a smoking 5.13 seconds.

And if you’re thinking that no European Championship would be complete without the obligatory cataclysmic English performance it’s in a turn of events that England’s Robert Yau took silver in the 5x5 category, followed by Scotland's Breandan Vallance who scooped a bronze.

Meanwhile, it was Australia’s two-time world Champion Feliks Zemdegs who achieved the fastest average solve time in the 3x3 category of the day.

However, Zemdegs’ average solve time of 7.07 seconds was not scored as the fingersmith was not eligible to win the European Championship.

It was a sockless Jakub Kipa of Poland who trampled the competition in the feet-only competition with an average solve time of 33.66 seconds, while Oleg Gritsenko of Russia wowed audiences by memorizing and solving 19 out of 20 cubes while blindfolded in a time of 54 minutes and 34 seconds.

The event marked the seventh European Rubik’s Cube Championship to date and saw a total of 525 people from 43 countries compete for the title.


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