EU industry leader endorses Chinese

The chairman of Toy Industries Europe says it is safe to buy Chinese-made toys this Christmas.
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The European toy industry still holds confidence with Chinese manufacturers due to their cooperation and expertise, Bryan Ellis (pictured) also says.

Ellis’ statements follow an increase in demand for Chinese-made products, which have strengthened by almost 28 per cent year-on-year in October.

“My view is that if you buy good brands and from reputable retailers, it is safe to buy Chinese products as it is to buy any other products,” Ellis said.

“The evidence of sales around Europe still shows a strong trend. I won’t be surprised if sales in Europe go up by five per cent this year.”

He also says the overhaul of existing safety rules shouldn’t be a priority.

“The consensus broadly is the current level of regulations, both in China and in Europe, is satisfactory. The issue, if there is any issue, its with enforcement.”


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