Essen robbery inspires new game from LudiCreations

Steal This Game was designed, developed, prototyped, and playtested in one night - the night following the robbery.
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At last week's Essen show, indie board game LudiCreations had its cash box stolen. Rather than sit and dwell on the financial hit, the team have used the experience as inspiration for its latest title, Steal This Game.

Designed, developed, prototyped, and playtested in one night - the night following the robbery - Steal This Game is a title for two players. One player takes on the role of a boardgame publisher at a big convention while the other player is a thief, intent on robbing the publisher's booth.

The exhibitor tries to keep the cash hidden in one of the four cash boxes. The thief secretly rolls a pair of dice and then tries to make increasingly risky moves in order to gain more information about the location of the cash.

If the exhibitor catches the thief while attempting this, the thief makes one last attempt to steal. If that fails, then the exhibitor wins.

Steal This Game has launched on Kickstarter, raising over $24,000 to date from an initial goal of $1,000.

Check out the Steal This Game campaign here.


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