Esdevium boosts games brands with apps

Sales of the Ticket to Ride game has seen extended uplift since launch of latest app.
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Ticket to Ride is the latest game distributed by Esdevium to be given the app treatment.

Ticket to Ride Pocket from Days of Wonder, is a digital adaptation of the best-selling board game and was named Apple Game of the Week soon after its launch (November 17th – 23rd 2011).

The app was also number one in the games section and at the time of writing the top position it had reached was tenth in Paid Games and 13th in Paid Apps for the UK.
Other apps based on Esdevium products include Carcassonne; Dixit (iDixit) and Settlers of Catan.

Steve Buckmaster, sales director, Esdevium Games, commented: “Ticket to Ride is a fantastic game and apps are a great way to build brand awareness. At a price of just 69p the game is affordable and will introduce Ticket to Ride to a whole new player-base”.

The Ticket to Ride board game is currently available with a US map, and Esdevium also offers European and Nordic versions.

Publisher Days of Wonder recently ran a $10,000 competition to design a new map for the game. Two winners were chosen with maps of Asia and India and these have now been made into new expansions of the game.



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