Electronic toy sales boom

Sales expected to reach $2 billion in next 12 months
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Consumers are turning to electronic toys to enhance a child’s interactive learning, according to research by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and the Toy Industry Association (TIA).

The study found three quarters of electronic toy purchases in the last 12 months were for its educational value while three of the top five most purchased types of electronic toys were education products.

It also found that 78 per cent of consumers found the level of learning electronic toys provide as beneficial to children; 48 per cent of buyers purchased electronic learning systems and 36 per cent bought electronic aids or electronic books

Almost 60 per cent of recipients are boys while radio controlled toys and DVD games are the most likely items to be purchased.

Tim Herbert, senior director of market research, CEA said: “Electronic toy purchasers recognise the value these toys provide to children, so much so that they are expected to account for $2 billion in sales [$172 per average household] over the next 12 months.”

Daniela Weiss, vice president of strategic marketing and communications at TIA added: “Many toys have interactive components which teach kids important skills such as early language, spelling, social etiquette and numbers. There are even electronic toys that take children through the nuances of learning a foreign language, playing a musical instrument or learning new dance steps.”

The research concentrated on purchases made for children between 0 and 15 years.



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