Drumond Park hits the top spot

Firm gains strong placings in both adult and children's games charts over the year.
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In the adult games market, Drumond Park took the top spot with a growth of as it grew 88 per cent year-on-year and took a 40 per cent share of this market.

The firm's Logo Game, Articulate and Rapidough took the top three spots in adult games and in total, Drumond Park had seven games in the top 20.

Articulate grew by 28 per cent YTD, taking over from Trivial Pursuit as the top property in adult games (NPD Value £% YTD December 2009 v 2008)

In 2009, in the total games category, Drumond Park's sales grew three per cent (NPD value £% YTD December 2009 v 2008) and took third position behind Hasbro and Mattel. In contrast, the overall total games market dropped by 18 per cent.

The firm was also the only top ten games manufacturer to increase sales in 2009, compared to 2008, as it rose three per cent.

In children's games, the firm's sales grew 20 per cent YTD in a market that dropped by nine per cent. (NPD Value £% YTD December 2009 v 2008)


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