DREAM TOYS 2010: Press turns out, but where was ITV?

The media once again turned out in force for Dream Toys, but there was disappointment at ITV's breakfast TV snub.
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Reuters; Metro; Sky News; BBC; The Mirror; The Guardian; Telegraph; and the Daily Mail all covered the event as well as local and national radio.

However, it seems that a Smyths Toys promotion running on ITV's Daybreak breakfast TV show, where it is giving away £1,000 worth of store vouchers all week, might have influenced a decision not to give the event its usual coverage in the morning slot, although it was covered on the Daybreak website.

The move was criticised in some quarters as being detrimental to the event and many exhibitors remarked upon the lack of an ITV camera crew.

TRA acting chairman, Alan Simpson, stopped short of criticising Smyths directly, but said: "I'm disappointed that the industry didn't maximise the opportunity it had."


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