Dr. Miriam Stoppard to host live web show on how play can aid child development

Topics include topics like how can parents feel more confident about playing with their children
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Dr. Miriam Stoppard will be hosting a web show on September 11th focusing on how to use play to aid the development of a child.

The live toy masterclass, produced with Galt Toys, will allow parents to send in questions to Stoppard before, and during, the broadcast.

She will be discussing topics like how can parents feel more confident about playing with their children, how to use play and toys to help with a child’s development and what toys are the best for different age ranges.

The show will begin on September 11th at 11AM and can be viewed at http://www.studiotalk.tv/show/educational-toy-masterclass. Parents can also submit any questions to that same site.

Research conducted by Galt Toys showed that two thirds of parents surveyed don't think they are as good at playing with their children as they would like to be, while 40 per cent feel self-conscious when playing.


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