Don't blame China says survey

Design faults more problematic than manufacturing defects.
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Toys produced in China are no more of a danger than toys made elsewhere, according to a Canadian survey.

The survey has found toys made in other countries have a higher rate of recalls on a proportional basis compared to Chinese-made toys, which dominate the international market place. However, the other countries weren’t named.

Conducted by Canadian academics Paul Beamish, Hari Bapuji and Andre Laplume, the study has also found design-related problems like removable parts, are more troublesome than manufacturing issues like lead paint or toxic chemicals.

Beamish said: "It's astounding to us this disconnect between the general perception that most of the problems are manufacturing and most of the problems are lead. People have got to get lead paint off the mind."

Beamish added manufacturing problems are easier to fix while the quality of a product’s design, often compromised by being rushed to market, requires extra resources at additional cost.

"With just so much volume of stuff coming out of China now, it really is the world's workshop for many manufactured goods, and people started equating recall equals China. Some of the recalls are absolutely China's fault, but not all the problems,” he said.


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