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Andrew Brown - Flair executive and solo Atlantic rower
Big thanks to Ambre Solaire for providing the 12 litres of suncream that I am taking to keep me protected on the row!

Treasure Island Toys - Online indie toy shop
So, Frankie Cocozza from the #xfactor has been booted off the show for bragging to production staff about taking cocaine. What a plum.

Catherine Warrilow – PR at Publicity Oxford
Somewhat concerned that my three year old son has just told me that his b*tches are down....

Steve Reece – ToyNews’ Inside Trader
Crazy Crazy times - saw Buy 1 Get 2 Free offer in #retail yesterday...

Best Years – Toy supplier
It comes to something when M+S profit fall is not headline news. Shows just how grim things are on the High Street.

Pollyanna Woodward – The Gadget Show presenter
Just seen someone in the airport with the adult micro scooter case...looks funny, but brilliant :-)

Toy Shop UK – Online toy retail directory
Often think there can’t be many more indies left to list on TSUK but they keep coming. There’s clearly a lot of life in the indie trade yet!

Paul Rayment - PR manager at Dubit
There is an N-Dubz greatest hits album out for Christmas! The cover is shit. God I hate the music industry at Xmas

Andrew Arnold – Senior PR and comms manager at Lego
You know you’ve not been to the gym in a while when you can’t push the door open on the way out.

John Crane – Toy supplier
Anyone else wondering where the year has disappeared? How did it get to November so quickly?


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