Dam Things launches Trolls range aimed at adult collectors

Launching initially in Scandinavia, the range includes a limited edition Troll celebrating 100 years since the birth of Trolls creator Thomas Dam.
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Dam Things, the Danish creators of the iconic Good Luck Trolls, has launched a new range aimed at adult collectors.

The range includes a metallic collection, as well as limited edition range of wooden Trolls, numbered one to 100, celebrating 100 years since the birth of Good Luck Trolls creator, Thomas Dam.

DreamWorks owns the Trolls copyright now, apart from in Scandinavia, where Dam Things has initially launched this adult line.

"Hopefully the success of this adult range will spread out in Europe and come to UK in the near future," Dam Things told ToyNews.


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Copycats. Factory fires. Court cases: The hair-raising true story behind the Good Luck Trolls

With its crazy hair and potbellies, the Good Luck Trolls are toy royalty. Huge in both the Sixties and the Nineties, the rewards were not reaped by creators Dam Things as it was plagued by copycats during both crazes. In fact, the extraordinary true story behind Trolls contains everything but a fire in an orphanage (that happened in the factory instead). Dam Things CEO, Calle Ƙstergaard, reveals the mad-but-true story to Billy Langsworthy.

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