Continuo champion wins again

Victoria Westnedge won the day at Fortnum & Mason challenge, while an intrepid gamester put up a brave fight.
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The gamester, ten year-old Max Lancaster (pictured) of Rokesley School in Crouch End, made a strong bid to outwit Victoria Westnedge (also pictured), 2004’s Continuo Mind Sports Olympiad Champion, at the competition, but to no avail.

However, the school boy's visit to Fortnum & Mason, one of four outings with his mother per year to the retailer's games department, was not met with disappointment - his mother agreed to purchase a copy of the game for a family Christmas present.

A tie was reached between Westnedge and a courageous French player, but Westnedge still won the day.

The game of Continuo was invented over 30 years ago by bridge player, Maureen Hiron and also the Bridge Correspondent for The Independent



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