COMPETITION: Schleich stock up for grabs

Win Sun Elves, their habitats and books worth £500 from The World of Elves collection.
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Each range Schleich offers inspires children of all ages, inviting them with its detailed figures of characters and nature, to immerse themselves in worlds that can be created over and over again.

Children use the figures to learn about the world around them in the most natural way – with their own imagination.

One of Schleich’s most popular ranges which is adored by children, is the exquisite and intricate World of Elves.

As in all fairytales, there is a fine line between
good and evil and each character from the World of Elves collection represents either Sun Elves or Shadow Elves – equally awesome with their friendly or fearsome façades.

Spring sees the arrival of three new Sun Elves;
the beautiful Sura on horseback, Yasira floating
on a lily pad and the adorable Nimsay, with her beautiful golden wings.

With a Summergreen Elf House, Shadow Rock Elf House and Oracle plus ahost of accessories, the World of Elves provides the perfect gift that will be collected and added too for many years to come.

To be in with a chance of winning, simply answer the following question:

What is the name of the book which tells the story of the World of Elves?

The answer can be found at Answer the question correctly and send it along with your name, company name and address to by May 31st 2009.


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