ClicTime targets UK fashion sector with adult LEGO watches

"It will be brushing shoulders with the biggest names in the watch business."
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A new range of LEGO adult watches are heading to the UK this November.

The watches can be customised by consumers, and ClicTime believes the watches have the potential to make a big splash in the world of fashion.

"We hope that the LEGO watch solidifies itself within the world of fashion," ClicTime marketing executive Ross Clark told

"We hope that it is, of course, a huge success and that everyone embraces it in their own way, we want it to become the ‘must have’ watch around the globe."

To reinforce its position as fashion accessory, the LEGO adult watch will only be available in premium fashion watch departments..

"The LEGO adult watch system will not feature in any toy stores," added Clark.

"It will be brushing shoulders with the biggest names in the watch business. This product will be situated in high-end retailers selling at £65 upwards.

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