Chinese factories raise safety standards

The number of Chinese toy factories receiving quality licences has risen by over 200.
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Playthings has reported that Zhang Xiao-Lue, chief director of Guangdong Entry-Exit Inspection & Quarantine Bureau, PRC, said an additional 218 manufacturers had been granted quality licences for exporting toys in 2008.

The latest influx of licences increases the number of factories holding the certification to 1,175 in total, Zhang told Hong Kong Toys Industry Conference 2009 attendees.

Zhang (pictured) explained that as a result of “the conscientious efforts in rectification and reforms in the toy industry,” the quality of export toys had improved and the number of complaints on non-compliant toys was reduced.

He continued: “In 2008, there were 67 cases of non-compliant toys filed with the Guangdong Bureau, of which 20 cases originated from the US. This is a drop of 17 per cent from a year earlier.''

The chief director urged Chinese manufacturers of toys destined for the US market to “strictly control the raw materials used … [and] should prevent the use of raw materials containing banned material, be prepared to meet the new US requirements on labeling for consumer products and ready themselves for certification and testing by third parties.”

The conference drew the participation of about 500 toy manufacturers, as well as officials and industry leaders from the Chinese mainland, the US and Europe.


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