China revokes more export licenses

State body takes action to guarantee quality and safety of China-made toys.
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The State Administration for Quality Supervision and Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) has revoked more than 600 export licenses as part of its four-month campaign on safety.

Pu Changcheng, deputy director of the AQSIQ (pictured) said the group has set a sound quality test system in place to improve the quality and safety of the country’s products.

“Until now, we have thoroughly inspected all 3,000-plus toy makers for export. All toys, even those that are made based on designs and standards by importers, are subjected to safety checks,” he said.

The Chinese Government is urging toy makers to learn international product standards and improve their safety awareness.

This is the second time a number of export licenses have been revoked following last year’s bout of product recalls.

At the beginning of November 2007 some 760 toy manufacturers in China’s Guangdong province had their licenses revoked or suspended after investigations conducted by the Guangdong provincial government found the quality of manufacturing facilities and products were substandard.

A further 690 factories had reportedly been told to renovate their facilities and improve the quality of products within a certain amount of time.


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