China halts export licenses

Investigation clamps down on substandard products.
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More than 760 toy manufacturers in China’s Guangdong province have had their export licenses revoked or suspended, according to reports.

The action comes after investigations conducted by the Guangdong provincial government found the quality of manufacturing facilities and products were substandard.

A further 690 factories have reportedly been told to renovate their facilities and improve the quality of products within a certain amount of time.

Officials from the Guangdong Quality Technology Supervision Administration examined 1,726 toy factories, almost 85 per cent of the province’s total, as part of an investigation into the quality of Chinese goods.

Lai Tiansheng, director of the administration said: "The campaign has broken down a large number of unqualified product manufacturers and sellers. But the investigation work is a long-term task."

Tiansheng pointed out that it was still only a small percentage of manufacturers. He added: "More than 99 per cent of export products from Guangdong are qualified".


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