China boosts safety awareness

China asks toy manufacturers to check foreign buyers' designs for flaws that may lead to quality or safety issues.
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Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang explained the measures while responding to questions on how China would ensure the safety of its toys ahead of the Christmas season.

Qin said some factories followed the design and orders provided by foreign companies when making toys, which can lead to design flaws causing safety and quality issues.

"We require Chinese toy-makers to not only pay attention to the manufacturing process, but also to check strictly for foreign companies' design failures," he said, "Chinese toy-makers should not accept orders with bad designs from foreign companies nor produce them."

Qin said the Chinese government attached great importance to the safety of toy products.

"We consistently request toy manufacturers to take strict control over the products' quality and to enhance supervision and inspection of the entire process of production."

He said quality supervision and inspection departments were also continuing to intensify the quality controls over toy products, which was aimed at stopping flawed toy products from export.


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