Cheatwell Games launches the App-Player

The world's first smartphone board game hits the shelves in time for Christmas.
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The App-Player is a new board game concept which replaces traditional playing cards for an iPhone or Android device.

By using a phone instead of cards, Cheatwell Games can update and add questions to make sure the games' content stay current. Also, with the cost of manufacturing cards eliminated, the games company has been able to pack up to ten times more questions into certain games.

Cheatwell Games owner Jon Church gave us an exclusive hands-on with the board game earlier this year.

He told ToyNews: "We're able to constantly update the content of the games - so the game will feature questions on the latest songs in the chart, sports news and films in the cinema making headlines at that moment in time.

"App-Player is the latest way we've been able to put new technology to good use in our products. We had an idea some 10 years ago to replace printed cards with electronic equivalents, but we've had to wait for technology to catch up."

The App-Player launches with four games - Great Big Trivia Quiz, Humm Bug, Masquerade and Tension - all of which are available to download for free from the App Store and Android Market. That's four board games for suggested retail price of £19.99.

The board itself has been designed to accomodate additional games, which will be released next year on the App Store at the lowest possible price point (currently 69p).

Cheatwell Games: 02392 524098


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