Cards Against Humanity to launch Australian edition

Australian retailer Critical Hit is helping to gather suggestions for the cards.
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Cards Against Humanity is to launch an Australian edition.

TechGeek reports that the people behind 'the card game for horrible people' have asked Australian retailer Critical Hit to help gather suggestions for the cards.

Cards Against Humanity is a cult card game where each round, one player asks a question from a black card, and everyone else answers with their funniest white card.

The funniest answer wins, and the game is full to the brim of rude, offensive, daft and innapproporate cards.

'Because nobody makes fun of Aussies better than other Aussies, we will be opening up suggestions for cards to go into the Australian edition of the game,' reads a statement of Critical Hit's Facebook page.

'Every card submitted will be forwarded on to the Cards Against Humanity crew to be considered for the official version. On the form we are also asking for email addresses as people who submit answers will go into the draw to play-test the new edition and/or potentially even win completed editions of the set when it is released in the far off future.'

Cards Against Humanity has already launched a UK version of the game, as well as expansion packs, a House of Cards themed pack, a 90s Nostalgia pack and two Christmas themed packs.


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