Brainstorm sees sales growth in a positive start to 2014

Firm has high hopes for new products, lead by the T-Rex Projector and new collectables Magno-Z.
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Brainstorm has had a "very positive start to 2014," with a collection of new products that have led to sales growth in the first half of the year.

Over the last couple of years, the firm has consciously reduced its number of ranges and SKUs in order to concentrate on its strengths.

Nick Saunders, sales and marketing director at Brainstorm, told ToyNews that, with a growing pocket money portfolio, increased marketing campaigns and reports of sales growth, the strategy seems to have paid off.

"We are now extremely excited about the impact our latest items will have on our overall business mix."

Among the new products exciting the educational toy specialists this year are its T-Rex Projector and Room Guard and its new collectible range, Magno-Z.

"We have very high hopes for the T-Rex Projector and Room Guard for the UK and export markets," Saunders continued. "The product sits within our Brainstorm Toys range and is one of our ever expanding collections of in-house developments."

The T-Rex Projector will launch this July and will join the firm's portfolio of prehistoric themed toys, including its popular Aqua Dragons.

"Aqua Dragons continues to be very successful for us and our distribution and volumes continues to rise," said Saunders.

Encouraged by its sales growth, Brainstorm is now increasing its presence in the pocket money sector, and champions the arrival of Magno-Z.

"The under £10 sector has grown in importance for Brainstorm and Magno-Z is one I have very high hopes for," explained Saunders. "We have heard that the Polish distributor shipped over two million pieces in 18 months.

"Some might criticise us for stepping outside of the educational toy sector, but Magno-Z are just fantastic, tactile fun and I am sure kids will love them."

The firm will support the range with a TV campaign, scheduled for June. Retailers will also be supported with POS and TV CDU outfits as well as a press and social media campaign.

Brainstorm will also commence a nationwide search for children to act as Magno-Z ambassadors, with the aim of creating peer popularity from the ground up.

"We will employ similar weights to the campaign that launched Aqua Dragons at Easter last year, and that certainly worked," Saunders concluded.


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