Bombs in toys? Really?

Intelligence chiefs believe Al Qaeda is planning to plant explosives in toys headed for the UK, Europe and the US.
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Never one to sensationalise, The Daily Express has reported that Al Qaeada's 'chief bomb maker', Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri, is understood to be planning to smuggle the cargo aboard freight ships after airport security was tightened following failed ink bomb attacks recently.

The bombs would be timed to explode once the toys are in stores.

Experts uncovered the threat last week when they intercepted conversations between terrorists from the Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula - the group responsible for the ink bombs.

An MI5 officer told the Sunday Express: “Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula see the festive season as their ideal time to strike because of its importance in the Christian calendar.

“The bombs found at East Midlands Airport and Dubai escaped scrutiny until the last moment. It would be much easier to plant a similar bomb inside a Christmas toy.”

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