Board Game Club heads to Inventors Workshop

Taking place the night of the Workshop, delegates will have the chance to bring along their creations for a little impromptu play-testing.
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Board Game Club, London's monthly grown-up games night, is leaving the capital for a special edition taking place at this year's Inventors Workshop.

Following the afternoon of One2One pitching sessions, Board Game Club will be taking over a section of Whittlebury Hall to host a night of networking and game playing.

Delegates will even have the chance to bring along their creations for "a little impromptu play-testing".

“As passionate supporters of the thriving inventors’ community in the UK, we’re really thrilled to be bringing Board Game Club to the Inventors Workshop," said Board Game Club's co-founder, Lesley Singleton.

"It’s a fantastic day for inventors and brands alike: a chance for everyone to meet face-to-face, share ideas and explore new relationships and collaborations, much like what we do every month at Board Game Club.

"Our grown-up games night regularly brings gamers, inventors, brands and the general public together for fun evenings of sociable, face-to-face gaming. It’s been the launch platform for many new games since its inception last year - from both big brands and new inventors - and we’ve watched ideas grow as relationships have evolved between inventors and others within the industry.

"By bringing Board Game Club to the Workshop, we’re giving attendees the chance to experience a taster of what we have to offer - we’ll curate a menu of games reflective of a typical Board Game Club night and we’re also happy for inventors to whip out their latest incarnations on the night for a little impromptu play-testing.”

This year’s Inventors Workshop will be at held at Whittlebury Hall in Northampton on Tuesday, September 22nd 2015.

The event will see some of most innovative and influential toy and game manufactures, technology companies and financial houses present, discuss and connect with over 150 inventors expected at the one-day conference.

To get involved with the Workshop and its One2One sessions as a sponsor, contact or

To find out more information on the event itself, contact

Check out this year's conference programme here, and to book tickets, click here.


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