Board Game Club and Esdevium ready Blogger Board Game Club

‘Partnering with Esdevium for the first ever year of Blogger Board Game Club is a fantastic opportunity to showcase their stellar menu of accessible and gateway tabletop games,’ says Board Game Club’s Lesley Singleton.
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Board Game Club is joining forces with Esdevium Games to launch Blogger Board Game Club.

Designed to mimic the subscription box model, the new deal invites 50 blogging families to enjoy and share a year-long journey through social board gaming, while Board Game Club will use feedback each month to match-make them to a new tabletop title.

Esdevium is the first brand to exclusively ‘take over’ Blogger Board Game Club, which will form part of a wider PR strategy by Esdevium Games to help UK families better navigate the board game shelf.

“We’re actively exploring many different ways in which the Board Game Club brand can be extended out beyond purely our very popular monthly grown-up games nights,” explains Board Game Club co-founder, Lesley Singleton.

“Partnering with Esdevium for the first ever year of Blogger Board Game Club is a fantastic opportunity to showcase their stellar menu of accessible and gateway tabletop games, many of which might never have been otherwise encountered by these families – or their readers.”

Ben Hogg, marketing manager at Esdevium Games, added: “We’ve been huge supporters of Board Game Club since its launch over three years ago, as it’s so in keeping with our own ethos of giving people hands-on experiences of games.

“The launch of Blogger Board Game Club means we can take our games out to a wider audience of families, in a meaningful, personalised and engaging way. We’re confident of creating the next generation of board game fans by taking bloggers on a journey through some of the best tabletop titles, and feel this partnership lets us push the boundaries and interact with new audiences. We’re looking forward to the next 12 months very much.”

Board Game Club will also showcase the initiative with a pop-up Board Game Club at leading blogger event, Blog On, in Manchester on Sunday 21st May.


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