Bladez's RC Minion is bestselling Minions line for Aussie retailer Myer

The RC controlled Minion has become the number one selling Minions line across all 65 of the retailer's Australian stores.
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Bladez Toyz’ RC Minion has become the number one selling Minions product for Myer Retailer stores across Australia.

The radio controlled Minion boasts the ability to vocalise nine different phrases and has become the number one selling Minions product across all 65 of the retailer’s stores.

The early sales results arrive in response to the cinematic release of Minions across Australia last weekend.

Myer ordered 1,500 RC Minons in its initial roll out for three months worth of stock. The retailer managed to sell 500 units in its first week, citing the strength of sales as a ‘massive under forecast.’

Meanwhile, the 65cm tall RC Minion is currently listed as out of stock on the Bladez Toyz website and has been the subject of glistening reviews from independent reviewers, such as Beau via the YouTube channel, Beau’s Toy Farm.


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