Big Christmas fuelling full-year growth?

With Christmas sales now at full tilt, the market is looking in good shape for growth, with NPD reporting a seven per cent increase in sales over the last two months.
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According to NPD the market has grown seven per cent since the beginning of October. Unlike previous years, which saw depressed sales in October and November, 2006 is proving strong with the UK outperforming every other country in Europe last month.

One theory is that UK-only concepts such as Doctor Who, Deal or No Deal or even Disney-Pixar movie Cars (much more successful here than in other European territories) are making the difference. Another key trend from the peak season is that high-tech products are once again popular, with smart chips enhancing the play value.

With three more Saturdays to go – or about 15 per cent of the year – look out for further updates from ToyNews on how sales are progressing.

Top Ten Items for week 47 (NPD)

1. console (Vtech)
2. Baby Annabell (Zapf Creation)
3. Bratz Forever Diamondz dolls (Vivid)
4. Deal or No Deal Game (Drumond Park)
5. Baby Born Magic Eyes (Zapf Creation)
6. Tamagotchi Connexion (Bandai)
7. 20Q (Radica)
8. Dr Who R/C Dalek (Character)
9. Pixel Chix Duplex House (Mattel)
10. software (Vtech)



UK trade sees five per cent growth

End of year figures from NPD show that the UK market experienced healthy growth of five per cent during 2006 although, despite strong product, Christmas sales failed to increase on last year.


Flat year for toys

Christmas sales eventually kick into life but not enough to create annual growth. A storming finale to the Christmas period was not enough to prevent the toy market from a flat feeling...


Flat year for US market

Retail sales in the US market increased slightly (up 0.34%) and generated over $22.3 billion in 2006 compared to $22.2 billion generated in 2005, according to new figures released by NPD

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