Big Chief Studios to launch high-end James Bond action figures

Goldfinger, Oddjob and Sean Connery's James Bond all star in the line-up set for a February release.
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If you didn’t get enough of the traditional Christmas 007 offering over the holidays, Big Chief Studios has something to quench the James Bond thirst.

The high-end collectables specialist has revealed a new line of action figures based on the super sleuth, complete with archvillains, super-henchman, gadgets and of course, Sean Connery.

The first series – available for pre-order in February- focuses on Goldfinger, the third film in the James Bond movie franchise.

Oddjob, Goldfinger and Bond each star in the line developed by the firm behind 12-inch action figures based on the popular Sherlock and Doctor Who franchises.

Big Chief Studios unveiled the action figure series via its Facebook page late last year.


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