Bedlam Puzzles becomes Crazee Thingz

The company stopped selling to trade late last year and has since sold the remaining stock online.
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Early last year Bedlam's MD, Danny Bamping, decided to change the brand of its hero product, the Bedlam cube, to the Crazee Cube.

The product then became the flagship product of Crazee Thingz, which was founded three years ago.

Bamping said: “We had great success in the early years with the Bedlam Cube, but we found that selling internationally and to a younger audience the brand Bedlam didn’t translate well as a lot of people don’t know what the word bedlam actually means.”

“We are now in the final stages of closing Bedlam Puzzles – and unlike many companies we are doing it in a solvent way to ensure the company closes down cleanly and does not leave any debts at all.”

Crazee Thingz now has over 30 products, sold in more than 50 countries and to many national UK retailers. The Crazee Company is also on the verge of announcing several new licences and products, some of which will be launched at Toy Fair.



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