Bedlam backs UK manufacturing

Puzzle specialist moves all manufacturing from China to the UK.
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With the Mattel China-made toy recall all over the papers and news stations, Bedlam Puzzles has this morning revealed that its popular Bedlam Cube is now truly 'made in England' - with the firm having moved its manufacturing from China back to the UK.

The company has now started its UK manufacturing operation and the first British Made Cubes have already come off the production line.

Bedlam has partnered with a Plastic Injection moulding company based in Wiltshire called P&P Mouldings. The two firms have set up a new outfit - UK Manufactured - which will make the Bedlam Cube and in the future several other toys, games and puzzles, not just those made by Bedlam itself.

The decision was taken by MD Danny Bamping, who is acting on his desire to help the environment and reduce the company's carbon footprint.

"Over 80 per cent of the world's toys and games are made in China and it may be cheap, but it's far from cheerful," he said. "By manufacturing in the UK, it means there are no transport costs, better quality control, much less pollution, no very long lead times, employment for UK-based workers and we can export to the whole of Europe.

"Soon we will be making the Bedlam Cube from recycled plastic. It's very exciting and the interest shown by retailers, consumers and other toy companies has been nothing short of massive.

"As a consumer, as well as an entrepreneur, I can see a huge benefit of not having 'Made in China' stamped on the bottom of our products."


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