BB twins in Mattel talks?

Big Brother stars set to become Barbie dolls?
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The Daily Star is reporting that Big Brother twins Sam and Amanda Marchant are in talks with Mattel, with a view to producing special-edition Barbie dolls of the pair.

The twins are set to sign with record company Sony BMG to record a version Aqua’s Barbie Girl.

According to the Star the pair are talking to Mattel, “who have been so impressed with “Samanda” they want to make dolls of them – just like Barbie.”

An ‘insider’ revealed: “It’s early days yet but they would love to make the twins into Barbie dolls and they’ve had hush-hush talks about the project.

“They want to bring out a limited-edition range of Barbie-style Samanda dolls in a special twin pack. They might even be dressed in pink ra-ra skirts and white waistcoats like their entrance outfits.”

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