Bareinz Tischlerei looks to bring large wooden sets to UK

"Whoever is pleased with our products can acquire them,” owner told ToyNews
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Bareinz Tischlerei is looking for UK schools, amusement parks and hotels to stock its range of large wooden play areas.

The carpentry firm took some of its large, eye catching creations to Nuremberg this year, including a Ferris Wheel powered by someone walking inside of a human sized hamster wheel.

The firm attended the show to try and attract interest from buyers outside of the German market.

“We manufacture wooden toys that are powered by hand or muscles in our workshop,” Frank Barienz told ToyNews.

“Parents can play with the children and the children learn how devices can be driven with power. All of our products are made exactly for each customer. Everyone has different tastes.

“It was our second time at Nuremberg and we attended so that we didn’t just target the German market. Whoever is pleased with our products can acquire them.”

Bareinz did not rule out the possibility of toy stores getting involved with stocking its range, but admitted space may be an issue.

He instead feels the products are best suited to larger venues.

“We want to work with people or businesses that want to offer something special to their customers,” added Bareinz.

“Our range will be addressed primarily to indoor playgrounds or amusement parks and hotels and less so selling to private individual consumers.

“The smaller play area can easily be placed in a room and the Ferris Wheel has a height of around four meters.”

“We supply our customers according to Incoterms rules, so depending on the country, by truck or container ships.”

Bareinz Tischlerei: +49 03541 801677

Take a look at one of the firm's creations below:

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