Barbie through the years

Since 1959 Barbie has always been at the cutting edge of fashion and seen many changes to her look, mimicking the fashions of the time and taking her cue from cultural trends...
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The Fifties


The first Barbie is launched at New York Toy Fair as a ‘teenage fashion model’.

The Sixties


Barbie’s first change of hairstyle, sporting a new bubble cut.


Twist ‘N Turn Barbie, with a new moveable body, saw the doll donning more daring sixties fashions.


Talking Barbie was introduced

The Seventies


Live Action Barbie had well and truly turned on, tuned in and tripped out.


Superstar Barbie, complete with Ken doll, went disco with plenty of polyester glam and all new Star-vette car.

The Eighties


The Eighties were a golden decade for Barbie as music and fashion took centre stage. The first African-American Barbie was launched as well as an Hispanic version.


Crystal Barbie was one of the decade’s best-selling Barbie lines.


Day to Night was a typically Eighties busy executive in the day time and a high-fashion sophisticate by night.


Barbie and the Rockers was all about music, shoulder pads and big hair.

The Nineties


Totally Hair Barbie is the best-selling doll to date, with the longest hair ever seen on the doll.


Frankie Goes to Hollywood Barbie? No it’s a Harley Davidson attired version.


Cool Blue Barbie adopted an earthy new-bohemian look.


Generation Girl Barbie goes for a street-fashion image.

The Noughties


The first Barbie of the new millennium was Jewel Girl Barbie – the first to have a belly button.


Pop Sensation Barbie capitalised on the pop talent show craze


American Idol Barbie continued the trend.


Today’s Barbie continues to stay on top of the latest fashion trends.

Famous Barbie

The Barbie range has also included some famous faces over the years including Cher, James Dean, Beyonce, Elvis, Liz Taylor and Diana Ross.



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