'Balderdash meets Urban Dictionary' in new adult card game

F**ktionary is a new party card game strictly for adults.
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The boundaries in the adult party game arena are being tested once again with the launch of a new card game, delightfully called F**ktionary.

Strictly for adults, the game has been billed by its creators at Creepy Doll LLC as ‘the demon child of Balderdash and Urban Dictionary’ as it challenges players to guess the right definition of a barrage of x-rated phrases.

So, if you have ever wondered just what on earth Gas n Go or Reverse Streaking means, this could be the game for you.

The game sees one player draw a card from the pack that has an inappropriate word or phrase and accompanying definition, reports Streetwise. That person is then referred to as the F**ker.

The other players are then challenged to guess the correct definition of the phrase or word.

Creator, Vansanth Sarathy, explained: “F**ktionary is the demon child of Balderdash and Urban Dictionary.”

Meanwhile, a description of the game via the F**ktionary official home page, describes the card game as ‘strictly for adults.’

‘F**ktionary contains terms and definitions that players may find highly disturbing and offensive. Definitions in F**ktionary are meant to be read and laughed at, but NOT performed or imitated. Play at your own risk!’

F**ktionary is now available on Amazon.


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